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This is my Internet Marketing story.


This page is not about how good I am in Web Development or How awesome I am in Starting an Online Business.  I am not the best marketer there is and I am not motivated by money either.  

My motivation is to help others overcome technical difficulties in starting an online business by sharing my stories, experiences and expertise.



I’m nathan cornella

I am a licensed Electronics Engineer and worked as Overseas Filipino Worker from 2008 to 2013.  That is more than 5 years of struggle of being away from family.  For some, they see it as good luck because I was getting the highest pay being the head of Electronics and Communications Section of the Maintenance Department.  However, my feeling was telling otherwise. 

It was then that I realized that I was missing a lot.  All I want is to live a life of purpose together with my family. Shortly speaking, I left my job and went back home.   It was year 2013 that I ventured into Online Marketing working with many Internet Marketers virtually from home.  This is when my Internet Marketing Agency has started.

Satisfied Clients

Successful Contracts

Hours Worked Online

Websites Created

Success for me is not based on how much you have earned but how much you have given.

Why you can rely on me:

Top Rated Status in Upwork

You can check and visit my profile in upwork.  Click Here.


Don't take my word for it
You can visit my upwork profile and read client’s rating to me and their feedback.

I know what I am talking about

I am not that guy who sell stuffs in your face for money and commission. I know what I am talking about because this is what I do and used throughout my 10 years of Online Business .  I am confident in what I share and recommends. These are golden stuffs.

I love to help you out

Should you need answers to your web development queries, you can ask me.   I am keen to helping people with their online business.  

You can read more about me and what I do

Visit my online agency to see and read more about me and the stuffs that I love to do.  Click here.

I created this website and I envision it to be a place for anyone who wants to learn  and get started with Website Development and Internet Marketing.    To help those who seeks answers to their technical questions about blogging and creating websites.  I have been a web developer for more than 10 years now and I want to share my experiences and expertise to help others with their online business.

How i can help you

If you are a business owner and you want to create a professional looking website for online presence and authority, I can help.  If you want to learn how to make money online or how to start an online business, I can help.  If you want to know our secrets to Online Success, or if you simply want to create a blog for free without much learning curve, I can help.

With the fast advancement of technologies, creating websites or starting an online business is easier now than ever!

All you need is the correct tools, guidance and correct motivation to your work.

Need some push?  I just created a facebook page where we can meet each other to collaborate and succeed.  Success comes by helping others.

Learn from our experiences. Join Our Group.
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