Can you make money blogging?

Question and AnswerCan you make money blogging?
Celyn Abejero asked 3 years ago

I am just curious.  Is there really money on blogging?  How do you make money from it?   

Dina replied 1 year ago

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NathanNathan Staff answered 3 years ago

Yes.  You can make money blogging.  There are many ways you can make money from your blogs and I would like to list a few.
1.  Google Adsense –  this is a google product where Google displays ads on your site relevant to your contents.  You earn by the number of views and clicks your visitors make on the Google displayed ads.  That means, the more views and clicks, the more earnings you get.
2.  Sell Private Ads –  When you are getting a lot of traffics and readers to  your blog, there are many companies that might be interested to get connected to your audience.   This can be done in many forms like banners, buttons, recommendations, videos, etc.  You make money based on your mutual agreement on the payment terms.
3.  Affiliate marketing –  You can insert affiliate links to your content.  You can apply to companies that offers affiliates in their products.  You can find a lot of products that you can apply as affiliate on huge digital marketplace like Clickbank and JVZoo.  You earn a commission when your blog readers clicks on your affiliate link and purchase a product.
4.  Memberships –  You can offer exclusive contents in your blog.  That means, those who want to get access to exclusive contents need to purchase membership level in order to get access to it. 
There are still many other ways you can earn blogging.  However, my advice for those who want to venture with this kind of business is, don't blog for money because this often leads to discouragements and failure.  Make blogging as a passion and for fun.  When you enjoy blogging, it will eventually lead to success and profit.

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