Great!  You are here to learn how to create a website with wordpress.  Well, here is my step by step guide on how you can start your own beautiful website.  With my 5 years of experience as web developer, I will share to you how I create websites for my clients and how technologies helped my web development and internet marketing business succeed.  I hope you will find this post helpful.

How to create a website – The old way.

I still remember when I was still starting with my web development service, I really struggle a lot with my codes and programming.  This is because you need to know several programming languages in creating a website.  We have HTML, CSS, Php, SQL, and Javascript.  I know, it is just too complicated but it is really a standard before.  You need to know all of these to be able to create a decent website.  I went from one book to another just to deliver and complete the website in accordance to what my client wants.

It was taking me more than a week to finish a website with 5 static pages.  Sometimes it will take more than that if the client will report an issue with regards to the display of the website on other devices and browsers.    There are many considerations and it is really time-consuming and a real struggle. Well, it was the way I develop sites until recently.  When wordpress came out, task became a little bit lighter.  It was a platform that provided an easy way to launch ready made templates and codes and you can literally launch a site in minutes.  However, customization have become another issue.  You don’t want your site to look exactly similar to many other websites using WordPress.   You need to battle with the existing framework in order to customize the website according to the demand and requirement of the client. Thus, it will bring you back to the old HTML, CSS, Php coding of the site.

How to create a website with WordPress – The wise way

What worked before might not be as effective today.  I am an active member of many Marketing Mastermind group or website, like the Warrior Forum.  I have met many successful people and a bunch of crappy ones too.  However, I really grew with the many years of experience of building websites for marketers and business owners.  However, I can say that the best thing that I have purchased in my web development career was the DIVI builder or Divi Theme.  Worlds most popular, and I consider it the best Website Builder yet!

It was really a game changer and It really helped me to produce websites faster and helped me to close more deals with clients.  It helped me achieved Top Rated status in Upwork.

From then, I realized that it is not just all about my skills.  Even though I have learned a lot in programming like HTML, CSS, Php, Javascript, I cannot be as productive without the use of advance technologies.  In my case as web developer and internet marketer, the use of cutting-edge and advanced web-development tools.   That is why I have tried and purchased many of these tools being sold in the Internet Marketplace.  BE CAREFUL, THERE ARE A LOT OF CRAP OUT THERE!

I know how it FEELS!  if you have been into similar experience as I have, I know how you feel!  I say, just charge it to experience.   That is why, I want to share value to you.  Yes, I am an affiliate of these products and I earn a portion by promoting them.  However, this is not about the earning.  I am recommending these tools because they are the real guys!  There are a lot of crap out there and I can just throw all of them to you as my recommendations, but that is not what I want.  I am recommending only those I have great experience with and those who have HELPED my business.  These are tools that helped me create wordpress websites fast and easy and tools that helped me succeed in my web development and marketing business. I believe that blessing comes by helping others first.   They helped me, that is why I am happy to recommend them to you.  I am confident that it will help you too.  If you are not using it already, I say

You are missing a lot, big time!

Not to mention that, my site looks perfect in all browsers and devices.  This is really a game changer.

Before, my client would keep on bugging me because of some display issues with the site.  However, after having this tool on my hand, creating websites with wordpress became a nice experience.

Here is a screenshot of what my clients are saying about my services.  And take note of  “extremely FAST! 🙂 ”  Now you know the secret! This is the wise man’s way on how to create a website in wordpress faster!
Funny to say but it’s true.  Even my 9 years old daughter can build beautiful websites using wordpress and divi theme combo.   So you might ask, How to get started?  Is there a Step by Step Tutorial on How to create Website with WordPress?

Want a Step-by-step guide to create a Beautiful
website with WordPress?

Well, that is secret no. 1 revealed.  I hope you find this post helpful and please if you have questions please let me know.  I love to hear from you.



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