This post is part 2 of my How to create membership site with WordPress tutorial.  You can click that link above to view part 1 of this membership site with wordpress step by step tutorial.

If you don’t have a website already and you want to learn how.  Here is a Step by Step guide to create a website with wordpress that is beginner friendly.  Check it out.

This video is all about How to create Paid Membership site with wordpress.  The main goal is to help you create a membership site using free plugins.  This will really help you save money from subscriptions to membership site plugins.  You will get the features you need using free means.  This is golden!  Read on. Creating a membership website basically contains these easy steps.


First, we install Ultimate Member to create our login page, membership or registration page, profile page, account page and other membership pages.  We also install anti-spam to ultimate member plugin in order to combat fake registrations or spammy robots.   We used google recaptcha form in order to attain a spam-free blog environment.


Second is to install Paid Membership Pro.  Don’t worry, the free version is enough for us to create sufficient membership levels for our website.  Also, in the future videos, I will show you how you can add additional feature to your website like schedule content dripping.  Also, using free plugin.  Therefore, if you are interested, subscribe to get the notification as soon as that video tutorial is out.

 Third step is to add restrictions to post and pages to a specific membership level.  This will protect your contents from public and will only allow specified membership level to access your contents.  You can also do restrictions via categories or taxonomies.  Cool?

Below is a sample page rendered by this membership plugin showing member’s invoice and membership level.   This is great for a Free version of this plugin.

Also, below is the Membership Account Page by these Membership WordPress Plugin, Ultimate Member – displaying the my account details whilst Paid Membership Pro – displaying the My Memberships details.

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