If you are hindered to create a website because of financial problem, or due to inexperienced, I hope this post can help take away that hindrance.  I am confident of it because you can start to create a website today totally FREE!  Yes… Absolutely FREE!

I will teach you how you can get a FREE Webhost, FREE Domain, and FREE Website Template to get you started with your online Business.  And don’t worry , there is no trial or recurring payment term for the Free Webbhost, Domain and Website Template that you will be getting today.  They will be yours absolutely FREE!

I would recommend starters to try this Free Webhost because the features are almost the same to that of a premium or paid web hosting.  What I love with this Free Web host is that It allows you to install the World’s Most Powerful Content Management System – WORDPRESS!  In my own term, the world’s  most powerful website creator!

Yeah, this is what I love with wordpress because it is so advanced yet very simple and easy to use.  It gives everyone the opportunity to create websites easily especially when equipped with correct and powerful tools like DIVI Theme or Divi Builder.

Check out my secret weapon in building websites.  I call them my Power Web Tools!

Tools we used that makes creating website a Breeze

Want a Step-by-step guide to create a Beautiful
website with WordPress?

So, what are you waiting for? Create your website Today.  Now that you know how to get a Free Web Host, Free Domain and Free Website Template, there is no more hindrance to get started with your online business.  Get that site up and running.

Some notes about your Free Web Host

What can you do with it?  Well, with the Free webhosting you can  create a WordPress Blog, Your personal website, website for small businesses, websites for schools and universities and you can even build a small ecommerce stores to sell stuffs online and make money!  Isn’t it amazing?

Seriously, this is a good place for you to start learning how to build your website.  You now have a complete access, FREE Access to the tools and equipment needed to complete your website.

When is the right time to Upgrade to Paid Hosting?

Your free webhosting account can already serve your basic purpose and you can do a lot with it.

However, remember that it is FREE and limited in resources.  You can use this for personal blogs, personal websites like portfolio, a static small company website (however, doesn’t look professional because of branding).  Therefore, I highly recommend this only for personal use, small business and for training.

If your business is growing and you are getting more traffics and taking more bandwidth, then that is the right time to upgrade for a Premium Webhosting Account.

With the FREE Webhost Account, you only get 10GB Bandwidth and 1GB Disk Space.  For a static and small website, this can be enough.  However, if you are running a business, and you are serious to grow your business, you should get a Premium  Web Hosting Account.

Finding the right and good webhost is hard.  In this post, I will recommend the host that I have been using for almost 10 years.  I haven’t had any downtime with them and we are also given a huge 60% discount if you use the code below.

Get 60% OFF on all SHARED HOSTING Plan with Hostgator.

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Thank you very much for dropping by and I hope you got something special today.  Hopefully this post helped you and if it does, please share this post, subscribe to my newsletters and leave a comment below.

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